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the gradual rubbing away of the surface of rochồng, for example, by other rock, water, or a glacier (= large moving mass of ice)
Interestingly, the margins of the columns are much better laminated than the cores, suggesting that sediment abrasion may have sầu influenced the column texture.
Scarification by heat, acid treatments, bleach, oxidizing gases và mechanical abrasion are some of the traditional procedures known to elicit germination.
Terrestrial bird dispersers would, therefore, be more important than arboreal dispersers if such abrasion were required for germination.
This was the time when defendants received their injuries, consisting chiefly of abrasions & contusions.
It seems inconceivable that either microbial action or abrasion by soil particles could serve such a role.
There was no statistically significant association with age, gender, submersion, the presence of cuts or abrasions, or time taken lớn showering post-exposure.
Detachment from biofilms in technical systems is caused by a combination of processes including abrasion, erosion, sloughing và predator grazing.
A single lesion or occasionally multiple lesions, develop at the site of liên hệ, frequently an abrasion on the hvà.
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