What is activatewindowssearch? should we disable it?

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ActivateWindowsSearch is one of Windows’ scheduled tasks. It is a part of the Windows Search service that is utilized for searching indexed programs & files. Thus, ActiveWindowsSearch is essential for the Windows Search indexer, which relies on it, and enables faster searches.

However, ActivateWindowsSearch (và Windows Search) can hog too much system resources for some users. Consequently, it might slow down low specification desktops & laptops for some users. This is how users can fix ActivateWindowsSearch slowing down computers.

What can I bởi if ActivateWindowsSearch is slowing down my PC?

1. Turn off Windows Search

Input ‘services.msc’ in the mở cửa text box, and press the Enter button.Select Disabled on the Startup type drop-down menu.Cliông chồng the Apply button.Then press the OK button to cthua thảm the window.Deselect the Windows Search kiểm tra box, and cliông chồng the OK button.Select the Yes option khổng lồ confirm, and then restart Windows.

2. Configure Search Indexing

Double-cliông chồng the C: drive sầu to lớn expand it.Then users can deselect some folders there lớn remove them from tìm kiếm indexing. Deselect folders that include a lot of files that you rarely open.Cliông xã the OK button.

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3. Remove sầu programs from the System Startup

Then select superfluous third-party software listed there.Click the Disable button.xuất hiện the Run accessory.Select the Hide all Microsoft services option.Then users can deselect superfluous third-các buổi tiệc nhỏ services khổng lồ remove sầu them from the system startup & preserve sầu more RAM.Cliông xã the Apply button.Select the OK option.Then restart Windows. After freeing up more RAM, ActivateWindowsSearch might then not slow things down so much.

Task Manager is not working on Windows 10? don’t worry, we’ve sầu got the right solution for you.

That’s how users can boost system performance when ActiveWindowsSearch is slowing things down. Never try disabling the ActiveWindowsSearch task as that can generate all sorts of issues with Windows Search.

Of course, it’s ok khổng lồ turn off Windows Search, but that will also have sầu some impact on certain features. So, you might prefer to configure search indexing & remove third-tiệc ngọt programs from the startup as outlined for resolutions two and three.