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We can talk about "the matter at hand" or "the matter at issue" & they seem khổng lồ mean just about the same thing: something along the lines of "the matter currently under discussion." Is there a difference between these two phrases?

I think it"s clear that "the issue at hand" is way better than "the issue at issue" but is there a reason for this?

Maybe you just want lớn avoid the confusion of using two meanings of a word so cthua lớn each other. Or maybe calling something an issue already implies that it is "at issue," so in that case saying "the issue at issue" would be redundant.

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At hand means "what"s in front of us right now", i.e, the next thing on the agenda.

At issue means "what"s causing trouble", i.e, the difficult thing.

So if some issue is causing trouble now, it"s the matter at issue -- you don"t really want to say the issue at issue, because that draws attention to lớn the phrase instead of the problem.

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And if it"s the next thing on the agendomain authority, it"s the matter at hand or the issue at h&. Either one works và they mean the same thing.


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