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Earlier this spring, Autodesk announced the arrival of AutoCAD 20trăng tròn, the 34th version of its flagship sản phẩm. And as it has for the past several years, the new software was released on the same day it was unveiled. However, this year, the announcement was relatively quiet. There was no big press release. Instead, the company posted the announcement on its AutoCAD blog, & the download link on the Autodesk trang web simply shifted to the new release.

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The lack of fanfare isn’t that surprising. Having successfully transitioned from a perpetual license lớn a subscription Model, most customers now get access khổng lồ new features throughout the year, rather than having khổng lồ wait for a big annual release.

So, what’s new in AutoCAD 2020? There are essentially seven significant changes. While that’s a far cry from the dozens of new features we’ve seen in previous years, the changes should be welcome by most users.

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Improved Appearance, Faster Performance

Last year, Autodesk made a bold move. A single subscription to lớn AutoCAD now includes access lớn seven additional “specialized toolsets.” That means that all AutoCAD customers now get access to lớn AutoCAD, as well as the products formerly sold as AutoCAD Architecture, AutoCAD Electrical, AutoCAD Map 3D, AutoCAD Mechanical, AutoCAD MEP, AutoCAD Plant 3D, & AutoCAD Raster Design.All these products now have a new look, thanks lớn changes lớn the “dark” theme, which is the mặc định appearance when you first install the new release. Tools on the ribbon have a modern dark blue look with better contrast and sharper icons that the company hopes will be easier on the eyes without distracting from the drawing area. Of course, you can still switch to lớn the “light” theme, giving the ribbon an off-white background.

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The overall performance of AutoCAD 2020 has also been improved. This is especially apparent when saving drawings. Most saves now take less than half a second, compared to lớn 1.5 seconds on average in the previous release. In addition, installing the software should be up lớn 50% faster for solid state hard drives.


The improved DWG Compare tool lets you compare the current drawing to another drawing, and more intuitive controls make it easier to lớn understvà and use the comparison results.

Other Enhancements

AutoCAD 2020 includes additional tư vấn for AutoCAD Web & AutoCAD Smartphone. It also now supports cloud connectivity with Box, Dropbox, and several similar services. You can include Xrefs with drawing files that you save sầu for AutoCAD website và sản phẩm điện thoại access. In addition, the CAD Manager Control Utility includes a new checkbox to lớn disable the SAVETOWEBMOBILE and OPENWEBMOBILE commands, for those companies that require their drawing to lớn remain within their organization’s network.

Finally, AutoCAD now launches correctly with different DirectX drivers, high resolution (4K) monitors, và dual monitors. In addition, the graphics display settings have sầu been consolidated into three modes, which include gradient hatches and images.

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While AutoCAD 20trăng tròn may not bring the quantity of improvements we have come khổng lồ expect, the unique of its enhancements should benefit all users, regardless of what they create. After more than 35 years, AutoCAD remains the world’s leading CAD program.

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