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In Linux, your keyboard will send carriage return if you type Ctrl-M, linefeed when you type Ctrl-J, và backspace when you type Ctrl-H. Can"t say with Windows, since you can be typing inlớn so many different kinds of text-đầu vào controls, including a console window.

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In linux, backspace is Ctrl+H, carriage return is Ctrl+M

If you want lớn insert a literal carriage return/backspace, you must quote it. Quoting is program-specific, but usually (or at least in bash) Ctrl+V quotes the next character. Other programs have different quoting mechanism, e.g. Ctrl+Q in emacs or Meta+V in nano


To insert a carriage return in bash, you would press Ctrl+V then Ctrl+MTo insert a backspace in nano you would press Meta+V then Ctrl+HTo insert a carriage return in emacs, you would press Ctrl+Q then Ctrl+M

Edit: To insert another control character, look in this table in the first column. For example, khổng lồ type an escape character you would press ^< (Ctrl+<)

The decimal value for the ASCII carriage return character is 13. With Microsoft Windows, hold down the key & type the numbers "13" on the numeric keypad; the row of numeric above sầu QWERTY won"t work. This will insert the "♪" character in to your document.

You can also copy the "♪" character from this answer and paste it in lớn your document as well.

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