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Supplementary arguments over access lớn water resources, the " unprofessional" & secretive policy-making process, & contesting the supposedly beneficial integrative effects of the territorial proposal were all utilised by opponents.

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We decided that it would be unprofessional and distressing khổng lồ sover her a recruitment letter, although she did not satisfy any of the of cial exclusion criteria.
Ethical concern is heightened by the organization of cosmetic surgery as a consumer-oriented business supported by heavy use of kinh doanh, much of which is misleading & unprofessional.
Unfavorable peer nhận xét of such testimony could lead to dismissal from the association or even the filing of charges of unprofessional conduct by the state licensing authority.
Secondly, it restores confidence in the insolvency practitioners industry and outlaws people who, sadly, are found to lớn be either inefficient or unprofessional.
A man who is dismissed from one of these great societies through unprofessional or dishonourable conduct may to-morrow offer himself as a public accountant.
I cannot reHotline any local government reorganisation which has been approached in such an unprofessional way.
Without the protection of that section, the public have remained prey to lớn the inexperienced, unqualified and unprofessional people who call themselves estate agents.
If a captain does anything unprofessional, whether in obedience lớn a control of movement order or against it is beside the point.
They say that this was "in all its manifestations intrinsically unethical, unprofessional và unacceptable".
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profesyonel olmayan, çalışma koşul ve kurallarının aksine davranan, iş yaşamı ilkelerine uymayan…

lớn press something, especially a mixture for making bread, firmly & repeatedly with the hands và fingers

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