Commitment (Noun) American English Definition And Synonyms

1a : an agreement or pledge to lớn bởi vì something in the future a commitment to lớn improve conditions at the prison especially : an engagement khổng lồ assume a financial obligation at a future date

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His commitment khổng lồ both his professions is admirable: currently a professor at the Stanford University School of Medicine, he also holds an M.F.A. from the Iowa Writers" Workshop. — Erica Wagner, Thành Phố New York Times Book Review, 8 Feb. 2009 In their mission statement, the editors bragged of their firm commitment to equality and social justice, but their philosophy didn"t prsự kiện them from summoning Lindsey to lớn perkhung all their menial tasks. — Klặng Wong Keltner, The Dyên Sum Of All Things, 2004 … I actually finished writing two more episodes of the tale before other commitments forced me khổng lồ shelve it. — Stephen King, Entertainment Weekly, 2 Aug. 1991 His commitment lớn a blue-water navy expressed his determination to lớn project power. — George F. Will, Newsweek, 22 Nov. 1982 We"ve got commitments from several charities to donate food & clothing. the government"s commitment of troops to lớn the region The church has a commitment to lớn helping the poor. The trùm noticed her svào commitment lớn her work. No one doubts your commitment to the cause.
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Recent Examples on the Web These ads have sầu attacked our candidate’s integrity, character, & questioned her commitment to our thành phố and our children. — Jason Williams,, 3 Nov. 2017 San Antonio would need to lớn say goodbye lớn its 2018 không tính phí agents & cut additional salary, reversing course somewhat after its recent commitments to lớn LaMarcus Aldridge and Pau Gasol. — Ben Golliver,, 3 Nov. 2017 But The Times promises lớn continue its commitment khổng lồ education. — Jane Karr, Thủ đô New York Times, 3 Nov. 2017 Eder, 30, extends his commitment lớn the Nerazzurri through 2021, after joining in January of năm nhâm thìn on an 18-month loan giảm giá khuyến mãi from Sampdoria. — Juan Pimiento,, 2 Nov. 2017 Jaden Johnson, a consensus three-star quarterbachồng prospect from Kirby High School in Memphis, Tennessee, announced his commitment to lớn Louisville via Twitter. — Jake Louryên, The Courier-Journal, 1 Nov. 2017 As part of Thursday"s announcement, Branson highlighted his ongoing commitment to lớn Western values. — Eric Berger, Ars Technica, 26 Oct. 2017 Kelly later expressed her commitment to not talking politics on her new NBC show—or even, as Meyers suggested, making scones with Anthony Weiner. — Laura Bradley, HWD, 26 Oct. 2017 Their Wild Boar Burger is all about testing your commitment khổng lồ excess: babé, boar, pimento lớn cheese, BBQ sauce, và jalapeño. — Oset Babur, GQ, 22 Oct. 2017

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