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khổng lồ direct a lot of attention & thought lớn an activity or subject, or to direct effort toward achieving a result:
concentrate on sth The corporation is selling off its restaurant chain khổng lồ concentrate on its core retailing business.

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concentrate on doing sth The new firm will concentrate on managing money for institutional investors.

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concentrate your efforts/attention/resources on sth Many wine producers have sầu concentrated their efforts on producing less wine, but of a higher quality.
Grief here is not diffused aý muốn many, thus attenuating the grief experienced by the individual, but is personalized và concentrated in the extreme.
Instead of concentrating on the rational exchange of information, literature should emphakích thước the presence of both rational và irrational elements in human existence.
On the computer you really concentrated on the screen - didn"t have sầu time to lớn talk khổng lồ the person next khổng lồ you.
To date the critical response has concentrated on ethics và the political và clinical practicality of the proposals.
Roberts concentrates on the abnormalities that have sầu been found in the medial temporal cortex in a number of independent studies.
When the new methods of concentrating minerals were introduced, large numbers of female workers were replaced by male in the sink & float plants.
However, it is disappointing that it concentrates quite so much on the more traditional aspects of coloration, especially the coloration of textiles.
The fractions showing high chorismate mutase activity were pooled and concentrated by centrifugal filtration.
The fractions showing high aromatic aminotransferase activity were pooled và concentrated by centrifugal filtration.
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to lớn put flour, sugar, etc. through a sieve sầu (= wire net shaped lượt thích a bowl) khổng lồ break up large pieces

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