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When you make a decision to download Graphics Design software then it is important not only khổng lồ see the expert Reviews but also the features và performance of the software. Also, keep in mind how many real users are satisfied with the chất lượng & standard of the product. Recently, we have reviewed a new tool in the graphics industry, which is known as CorelDraw x7 Portable. This is a well-known application for vector illustration và page layout. Whether you are an expert graphics designer or a parent designing some cool stuff for your kid tiệc nhỏ, the Portable CorelDraw x7 is the right solution for everyone who wants to lớn achieve their desired results. Also, read CorelDraw X6 Portable.

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CorelDraw x7 Portable Free Download and Overview

When you jump inkhổng lồ the graphics industry, you may find several applications to lớn start with. Most of them have the same features và functions. Based on your future motives you have to select the right tools in order to lớn make the right impact. Same way, the CorelDraw and Illustrator almost work the same but it depends on the designers to lớn choose what they wish to bởi. However, the new version of CorelDraw X7 has got some extra features, which is far better than any competitor available in the market.


There are a lot of flavors of CorelDraw x7 and one of them is the CorelSHOW. It is used for creating a screen presentation. There are other tools as well which works the same but when it comes khổng lồ chất lượng và better results, you should go with CorelSHOW. However, CorelCHART is used for graphics charts & CorelTRACE for vector bitmaps. You can get all these flavors in a single application and no need lớn load your PC with multiple software.

CorelDraw x7 Portable is very easy khổng lồ use và no extra experience is required to lớn operate the software. Using the scrapbook features, you can drag & drop the graphics objects. You may find some advance features including Publish to HTML option, blend tool, interactive sầu fill, transparency tool, and enhanced display options. Therefore, if you are thinking that which graphics designing software is best to lớn start with, I would highly recommkết thúc the Portable Corel Draw x7. Download CorelDRAW X5 Portable here.

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Top Features of Corel Draw x7 Portable

Below are some new features.

Natural Pen Tool: This tool allows you khổng lồ draw natural lines, bends, and curves smartly. It is quite efficient in creating logos, neat và clean illustrations & drawing vector graphics. Spell Checker: Writing text over images or creating business cards, spell checking is a useful feature. It automatically corrects your spelling & gives you a warning there is some mistake. Grammar Checker: It check & correct grammar mistakes. Fill and Blend Tools: These are two different features but works almost the same. For example, when you are left with a blank space in an image và you apply the fill feature, it will auto-detect & fill that part of the image. Fill & blover tools are quite intelligent in nature. Docker Window: This feature is one of the most wanted và practical ones. Now the CorelDraw x7 will keep your most used tools in a separate window that is normally called Docker Window. There are plenty of tools available for 3D designing. màu sắc palette editor and interactive color mixing are some other cool features.

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Minimum System Requirements

Operating System: Windows 7 / Vista / XP / Win 8 / 8.1 / Win 10 Memory (RAM): Minimum 4 GB HDD (Hard Disk Drive): Minimum 8 GB Free Space Required Processor: Intel Dual Vi xử lý Core Or Advance

Technical Setup Details

Software Full Name: CorelDraw X8 Portable Lachạy thử Version Added: 2021 Setup Type: Offline Installer / Official Files Download: Free

Free Download Link và Final Verdict

If you have sầu never used this app before, I would recommover you lớn tải về it và see how amazing it is. You will find all the smart drawing tools here. Export khổng lồ MS Office or MS Word, sensitive and high-chất lượng vector brushes are also available. It supports multilingual documents & Unicode text. Download & run this portable version on your PC and enjoy the unlimited features.

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