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a game by Spike Co
Platforms: XBox 360, Playstation 3
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 Đánh Giá
User Rating: 7.5/10 - 15 votes
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I hope you lượt thích the Dragon Ball franchise because this is nearly their 40th game that features Goku beating someone up; welcome to lớn Dragon Ball Raging Blast 2. Buckle up & prepare yourself for some intense button bashing as you smash your controller to pieces trying to beat a boss who devastates you in moments.

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We aren’t here to lớn lie to lớn you or mislead you in any way, so allow us to be crystal clear when we tell you that this is nearly a carbon copy of every other dragon ball game that has come & gone. Now that by no means suggests that it is a bad game because it isn’t, it’s quite a good one.


The controls khổng lồ this one is pretty good, for its time its very responsive & pleasant lớn play. It’s not perfect but I lượt thích the challenge. The game consists nearly entirely of button bashing, bộ combo learning và blasting you opponents with ki & various techniques.

Alongside Galaxy Mode, which I’ll talk about later, there are a good few game modes available for you to lớn enjoy. Some of the most interesting game modes are: Battle Zone, where you take on opponents from different zones. Online và Offline quiông chồng battles with friends or strangers. Then there’s my favorite mode which is World Tournament where you can throw down with any of the cast of characters in Cell games or Tenkaiđưa ra Budokai style competitions. It provides a tremendous amount of gameplay that kept me coming baông xã. This game can be compared to lớn Dragon Ball Z: Budokai or perhaps Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot. Be warned, the camera changes orientation a lot and it can be confusing but hechồng, so is fighting a robot bug quái dị so here we are.


This game looks great, I loved seeing the 80+ characters be introduced in that glossy 3 chiều animation style. If you are a bạn of the games you will be pleasantly surprised khổng lồ find that nearly everyone that you could hope to show up did from Broly & Cell to lớn Frieza & Cooler. They even got brilliant transformations for many of the characters and a shiny cutscene khổng lồ display it through, making it super easy lớn see the nuanced charm of the original show.


Galaxy Mode

Doing away with the standard campaign mode in a move sầu that many can only describe as daring, this game choses lớn go for its Galaxy Mode. Each character is represented as a planet và you can choose those planets & fight through the story of each character. It provides a great amount of gameplay and allows for you lớn see every character and shows their differences, letting you get a good feel for what their combat techniques are. Most of the time, completing these missions will provide other chances

For an astoundingly straightforward game, this is a surprising hit with loads khổng lồ see & vị that will keep you playing long after the first playthrough.