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The Walking Dead 1 APK 1.đôi mươi (19 MB)

The Walking Dead 1 APK 1.trăng tròn Mod: Unlocked (19 MB)

The Walking Dead 1 OBB 1.20(1.1 GB)

The Walking Dead 1 APK 1.trăng tròn (11 MB)

The Walking Dead 1 APK 1.đôi mươi Mod: Unlocked (19 MB)

The Walking Dead 1 OBB 1.20(1.1 GB)

OBB installation location -> /sdcard/Android/obb/com.telltalegames.walkingdead100/

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The Walking Dead 1 Description

The story of the game can be described as a major highlight of this, interspersed with a large number of dialogues, creating a movie version of the atmosphere. However, for domestic players, this is also a slightly headache problem. The story of the game is indeed a great sense of substitution, but full English dialogue difficult, at the same time, the nội dung of these dialogues can not be skipped, no way, you have sầu to lớn go along with the story all the way. The opening of the story of the game with comics and movies are very different, there is no appearances Riông chồng và Shawn, vị not know such a start you will accept it?

From a technical point of view, this horror survival game does show a superb production standards, the game screen inherits the TV version of the Doomsday style, the light và the scene have sầu a certain degree of similarity, can evoke a lot of fans memories. Character modeling on the vivid, shaky toàn thân of the corpse people create a visual sense of television. In sound, the suspense of the background music, a variety of sound intertwined khổng lồ create a cinema-lượt thích listening experience.

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Next baông chồng lớn the game"s operation. For such a dramatic play puzzle games, the operation does not seem so important. However, this for interaction thiết kế has excellent performance. When an actionable object appears in the scene, the player can see a white light spot & cliông xã lớn proceed. Some even pop-up options for you to choose from, such as the door, you can choose khổng lồ knoông xã on the door, open the door and other actions. This kind of prompt interaction is much more interesting than the average game, does not allow the player to thua kém sight of the more convenient operation, this is the user"s needs in the first place of a good design.

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The overall playability of the game is quite high, the plot is full, và in many episodes introduced a number of options, making the whole game suspense taste more rich, the player"s sense of substitution is also stronger. For example, after the opening policeman dies, you need khổng lồ find the key to lớn the handcuffs quickly, just as you are surprised at what happened. The old police has become a zombie, rushed over to you. This is where you need khổng lồ look for guns và ammunition, and after a shot, a shot smashes his head. There are many such scenarPhone in the game, which have sầu a strong sense of substitution. Therefore, the game is more lượt thích an "interactive movie" in which players participate.

In the face of more exploration and danger in the future, we said that we are not afraid of it. The sense of loneliness created by the game is very impressive. It can be said that the setting of the background music & sound effects in this game is definitely the soul, extremely bright Eyes, uh bright ears. With the game story, the overall feeling is that we personally experience the zombie work created by the giới thiệu of the world after the

In general, "The Walking Dead" is very good in production, the screen, the operation and the story, full of sincerity. Recommended for action exploration RPG enthusiasts, adventure decryption enthusiasts, walking fans.