“When it comes lớn the American Dream, people have sầu mixed opinions.

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To some people, it represents the promising lvà of opportunities, modernity, social mobility, better education, và guaranteed chất lượng of life. Yet, to lớn some others, it’s more lượt thích a pipe dream, wherein still existed racial injustice, discrimination, police brutality, labor exploration, & so on. 

When the Vietphái mạnh War ended, the world entered the Cold War, and Vietnam giới became an alliance with the Soviet Union. In the 70-the 80s of Vietnam, believe it or not, there was only the Soviet Union Dream. My mom was part of it until the Soviet Union crashed in 1991. For most people then, Moscow represented the Soviet Union Dream.

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However, khổng lồ my mom, it was Odessa, a developing city in Ukraine. 

When the Union crashed, like other Vietnamese people, my mom returned bachồng khổng lồ Vietnam with a lot of unforgettable stories. She has always told me about her life back in Odessa: how cheap dairy products were, how she struggled to learn Russian or how she was treated equally as men and took leadership roles for the first time. The crash of the Soviet Union also changed the social dynamics of the world. America became the leading nation, and of course, the American Dream has arisen since then. 

Despite learning English at a young age, I only knew about the Soviet Union Dream through my mom’s narratives. I had never been khổng lồ America either, so yes, I was unprepared for the American Dream. Throughout my 6 months living in the US và working virtually with the Buffalo community, I now underst& (or not