Establishment Là Gì

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establishment /is"tæbliʃmənt/ danh từ
sự thành lập, sự thiết lập, sự loài kiến lập sự đặt (ai vào một trong những địa vị) sự minh chứng, sự xác minch (sự kiện...) sự dẫn vào, sự đưa vào (kinh nghiệm, sự tín ngưỡng...) sự thỏa thuận hoá (công ty thờ) tổ chức triển khai (quân team, hải quân, hành thiết yếu...); đại lý (kinh doanh) số bạn hầu; quân số, lực lượngwar establishment: lực lượng thời chiếnpeace establishment: lực lượng thời bìnhseparate establishment cơ ngơi của vk lẽ nhỏ riêng

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Từ điển Collocation

establishment noun

1 act of starting sth

ADJ. formal the formal establishment of the republic in 1948 | gradual, rapid

VERB + ESTABLISHMENT Gọi for, tư vấn Opposition MPs are calling for the establishment of an independent food và drugs agency. | agree khổng lồ, consent khổng lồ | lead lớn This report led to the establishment of a special committee to lớn investigate the matter. | allow (for), enable, provide for a law allowing the establishment of private television stations | announce | see The months that followed saw the establishment of a svào military presence in the region.

PREP. with the ~ of With the establishment of major new markets, the economy is thriving.

2 shop/business/organization

ADJ. catering, educational, military, research, training She"s now running a small government retìm kiếm establishment.More information about ORGANIZATION ORGANIZATION:create, establish, khung, found, mix up, start ~ an association created to lớn promote local industry The company was founded in 1981.

dissolve ~ (often law) She sought a court order to lớn have sầu the partnership dissolved.

run ~ He runs an accountancy firm.

manage ~ The executive committee manages the group on a day-to-day basis.

be/become a member of, join ~ She became a thành viên of the Society of Arts.

leave sầu ~ The country plans to leave the organization.

3 the establishment: people in positions of power

ADJ. academic, art, literary, medical, musical, political, religious, scientific | British, French, etc. The British Establishment is very slow to lớn accept change.

VERB + ESTABLISHMENT offover His abstract paintings offended the art establishment.

Từ điển WordNet


the act of forming something; constitution, formation, organization, organisation

the constitution of a PTA group last year

it was the establishment of his reputation

he still remembers the organization of the club

an organization founded & united for a specific purpose; institutionthe persons (or committees or departments etc.) who hóa trang a body toàn thân for the purpose of administering something; administration, governance, governing body, brass, organization, organisation

he claims that the present administration is corrupt

the governance of an association is responsible khổng lồ its members

he quickly became recognized as a member of the establishment