Fall short definition and meaning

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‘other hybrids have also fallen short in the magazine"s tests’‘A proposal lớn extend extra temporary benefits khổng lồ jobless Americans fell short by one vote in the Senate Tuesday.’‘The vote on whether khổng lồ vote fell short by 6 votes even though it won 54 khổng lồ 46.’‘It was clear that in the key marginals the Labour vote was falling short of what the national polls were saying.’‘No matter how we try, we all fall short - well short of perfection.’‘Nader"s vote fell short of the highly publicized goal of five sầu percent, which would have sầu given public funding to the Green Party for its 2004 presidential convention and chiến dịch.’‘Senate Republicans fell short of the 60 votes needed to halt a Democrat filibuster, & the Act"s 16 sunmix provisions are therefore bound to expire at the kết thúc of the year.’‘In the over, the majority of WIBC delegates voted yes, but Single Membership fell short of the two-thirds vote needed for adoption.’‘Despite a large majority, the vote fell short of the required two-thirds majority.’‘While not a total disappointment, it fell short of expectation.’‘Although a seasonal ban falls short of the total ban that we have sầu been advocating it is a very big step in the right direction.’‘However, this total would still fall short of the construction costs and the football club are currently seeking a commercial partner to lớn Cosplay the shortfall.’‘However, the collective total may still fall short of the required 55% threshold.’‘The failure of the Board to exedễ thương works is attributable lớn deficient planning with the result physical achievements fell short by 57 per cent.’‘A prolific scholar and facile writer, he risks turning his otherwise fine book inlớn a screed against all who fell short of total moral courage.’‘Although it falls short of the 2002 total of 156,120 units, this will be a welcome improvement on last year"s figure of 145,200.’‘The expected move, while welcomed by some health advocates, falls short of a total ban planned for Scotl& và advocated for the rest of Britain as well.’‘If he falls short of 50 percent of the vote, there will be a run-off three weeks later.’‘His prescription also falls short by not addressing how our current electoral rules waste votes và suppress potential participation.’‘Many women will vì chưng anything & everything khổng lồ avoid falling short, being found to lớn be inadequate or wrong or at fault: in fact being criticised in any way at all.’‘For all the potential this project had, it falls short & disappoints.’