Can i be a taxi driver in gta 4 & drive people around to make money ? : gta

The model supports all game functions.The driver & passengers sit properly.Well detailed body and interior.The right size mã sản phẩm.

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Good day dear users and visitors of the site! Today for You modification car Declasse Premier Taxi V1.1 for GTA 4. Well-designed hack will make the gameplay more pleasant experience from driving of this car!Features:- The Mã Sản Phẩm supports all the basic functions of the game;- Passengers sit in their seats; - Detailed body and its components;- Updated textures;- Low tệp tin size and correct LOD.


Features: - Model fits the atmosphere of the game - 3D-engine parts - Own collision - All parts of the damaged oto - Own settings

Features:-Model supports the basic game function;-High-quality 3 chiều model;-Detailed interiors;-Quality tires và wheels;-3D engine và other parts;-Support for painting works:-Detailed doorways;-Correct disk when a broken tyre;-Optimized headlights;-Tuned collision;-Driver sits correctly;-Its shadow;-Customized reflection."Your town, your needs, your number"

My regular envelope.Original author: AppleFeatures:-Supports all the features of the game-Niko & the passengers sit correctly-ALL glass broken-The entire Optics is functioning correctly và the beats-More-or-less correct dimensions model-Wheel blown off properly (the right disk when a broken tyre)-Glow lights in the cabin (including lamp inside)-3D rooms from byShein-Checker taxi from bySheinCons:-Strange artifacts on the front, the rear bumper and grille.Many thanks to lớn Magomed Kapievu for being a taught envelope!
A good quality;-Interior in good quality;-Tuned collision;Is its shadow.-Fixed bug with light headlight;-Texture covering door cards;-New textures signal;-Removed the hatch;-Changed the "Checker";-Implemented general improvements.

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A remade Model lớn accommodate CRRageAuthor of new textures và route numbers: bySheinP.s. Route was coined specifically for random CRRage
Excellent xe taxi for GTA4, especially for CRRage.The texture of the body toàn thân và the numbers from bySheinSupports the basic functions of the game.There are extras in the form of spoiler
Tuning oto anywhere

Thanks for the mod . Can you please tell me how bởi you gian lận all of thes...

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by SilvisterSoul
To hire security guards v1.5

Bro, I love your Bodyguard gian lận, but there is one thing to lớn make it even...