Hành lang tiếng anh là gì

a group of people who try khổng lồ influence the Government etc in a certain way or for a certain purpose.

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Indeed, much of what is observed in writing is likely to lớn be a result of donor pressure to lớn please home page market lobbies.
A fall may lead to lớn lobbying for lower taxes for the public sector và reductions in health care budgets.
After they obtained tư vấn for the survey, they lobbied to make it an ongoing activity rather than a one time study.
When assessing interest group lobbying success we must consider what they sought & what they got, allowing room for degrees of success.
The characteristics of the advocate itself can also play a role in their chances of lobbying success.
We will come to underst& what factors on average lead to lớn lobbying success, và which tover toward failure.
The third section presents the empirical analysis relating institutional, issue và interest group factors to lobbying success.
Devising a study with a starting point ten years ago would add to our understanding of lobbying influence.
Measuring lobbying success however và analyzing its determinants can provide us with a better understanding of one aspect of the influence process.
They can engage in lobbying themselves and/or size part of a trade association that undertakes the lobbying effort for them.
Of course, this is only an initial investigation, analyzing lobbying success of only 149 advocates on 47 issues.

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Both the hard-line authoritarian faction và pro-business affairists lobbied for different reasons khổng lồ cthua down the journal.
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khổng lồ separate liquid food from solid food, especially by pouring it through a utensil with small holes in it

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