Difficulty doing vs difficulty in doing

What is syntactically the -ing-phrase in both the versions with and without the preposition? For example in He has trouble keeping things in perspective right now.

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Secondly, does the latter derive khung the former?



There is no real difference. The omission of prepositions in modifying phrases is & has been common in tamquoccola.com:

He lived there several years.

Kiplng L 108 I shall always be threepence short in my accounts = I shall always be short in my accounts by threepence

Gissing G 197 she blames herself no end = she blames herself without an over.

Darwin L 1.209 I can hardly think there will be a coronation this time fifty years.

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Thus we have

keeping things - gerund phrase acting adjectivally

in keeping things - Adjectival prepositional modifier (in + gerund phrase.)

Examples taken from "A Modern tamquoccola.com Grammar on Historical Principles Part7 Syntax V4 1949 by O Jespersen.

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