Java Bean

JavaBeans are classes that encapsulate many objects inlớn a single object (the bean). It is a java class that should follow following conventions:Must implement Serializable.It should have a public no-arg constructor.All properties in java bean must be private with public getters & setter methods.

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Syntax for setter methods:It should be public in nature.The return-type should be void.The setter method should be prefixed with set.It should take some argument i.e. it should not be no-arg method.

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Syntax for getter methods:It should be public in nature.The return-type should not be void i.e. according lớn our requirement we have sầu to lớn give sầu return-type.The getter method should be prefixed with get.It should not take any argument.For Boolean properties getter method name can be prefixed with either “get” or “is”. But recommended khổng lồ use “is”.
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