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We’re transforming to better enable discovery, innovation, & choice on the open internet through commerce media.

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We’re transforming khổng lồ better enable discovery, innovation, & choice on the open mạng internet through commerce truyền thông.


Want lớn increase traffic? Boost sales? Get more ứng dụng installs?tamquoccola.com has solutions for a variety of business goals.

Generate br& awareness and interest in your products by increasing br& awareness và getting more Clip views.
Get people to start considering your products or services by increasing trang web traffic, ứng dụng traffic, và phầm mềm installs.
Encourage interested people to make a purchase by increasing trang web conversions, tiện ích conversions, & in-store conversions.



Commerce-focused AI and data work together to help brands, retailers, & publishers deliver smarter consumer experiences.

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The brains behind each commerce truyền thông campaign, ensuring the right ad, right place, right time, every time.

Lookalike AudiencesProduct RecommendationsDynamic Creative Optimization+Predictive Bidding

The world’s largest phối of shopper data, connecting consumers across devices & finding behavior patterns và intent signals.

Identity GraphInterest Map

A one-stop-siêu thị for advertisers to lớn create, manage, and report on full-funnel advertising campaigns.

Fast, easy set upTotal control and transparency

An end-to-kết thúc self-service platform for buying and selling retail truyền thông.

Retail Media for BrandsRetail Media for Publishers
Start growing your business today!

tamquoccola.com’s Commerce Media Platkhung helps brands, retailers, và publishers meet their business goals.

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Stay up to date on consumer behavior across more than 600 sản phẩm categories & đôi mươi countries based on the $2.5B worth of transactions we see every day.

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