How to create bootable dos usb disk in windows 10 or 8

Bachồng in the days when floppy disks were still being commonly used, flashing your motherboard’s BIOS could only be done by booting the computer inlớn DOS. When DOS is booted up on the computer, you’d probably have sầu to switch to the floppy disk that contains the BIOS update tệp tin. Unlượt thích today where updating a modern BIOS is far easier & convenient và you can update the BIOS directly from Windows using the software provided by the manufacturer, or simply put the BIOS tệp tin onkhổng lồ a USB flash drive & the inbuilt flashing tool inside the BIOS will recognize it.

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If for some reason the software provided by the motherboard manufacturer is broken và you’re not able to lớn update the BIOS from Windows, or your BIOS doesn’t actually support flashing from any other medium apart from a floppy drive & DOS, you can still do it from DOS by booting up the computer with a USB flash drive sầu instead of a floppy which is far easier. The most popular and easiest ways are to lớn simply install MS-DOS or FreeDOS onto lớn the USB drive, copy over the required BIOS tệp tin và flashing utility from the manufacturer’s website, boot to USB & flash the BIOS from there.

Thankfully, there are tools around that can help you accomplish this with the minimum of effort, and not lead you through a huge multiple step process full of manual commands. Here are 5 such tools that will put either FreeDOS or MS-DOS onto lớn a bootable USB flash drive allowing you to update the BIOS firmware from DOS but without a floppy drive sầu.

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1. Rufus

Rufus is a small utility that helps format và create bootable USB flash drives, such as USB keys/pendrives, memory sticks, etc. It’s also a useful tool lớn help install different versions of Windows via USB và can also check USB devices for errors. It is a small, single & self contained portable executable file and the user interface resembles the Format tool in Windows.

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