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‘He frequently makes the best of limited opportunities, và was again seen to advantage aboard Forest Leader in the moderate Rathkeale Handicap Hurdle.’‘The prevailing ethos on No Disco seemed a bit more thoughtful, a bit more arty, making the best of an obviously limited budget.’‘The complete tour of a Tokyo apartment - compact & bijou, but clean, light and equipped with modern equipment lớn make the best of the limited space.’‘To his supporters, Washington was making the best of limited opportunities for African Americans in the South.’‘The production makes the best of the limited space of the top floor of Bewley"s.’‘There is probably no way that this can be done adequately, & researchers have sầu had to lớn make the best of the limited access that has been granted them.’‘The host country and the coach, in particular, made the best of the limited talent at its disposal & beat Italy by a golden goal.’‘The inside barrier is a real advantage in a two-year-old race and Kenneth made the best of it leading with Indecent Exposure & Crown Pilot on its outside.’‘In the early stages the smooth boxing Hare easily countered the onrushing Cherchari who was not making the best of his height và reach advantages.’‘Frustrated travelers made the best of a bad day’‘It was a difficult speech khổng lồ give, but I think she made the best of a bad job.’‘You can complain, or you can make the best of it.’‘Project finance made the best of a tough year, finding ways to fund unglamorous Latin American fertilizer và oil projects despite the plunging price of crude and sovereign downgrades.’‘Although crippled in many ways, it has found new means of program delivery and has made the best of what was possible on its radically reduced budget.’‘I have made mistakes but what is important is making the best of the resources available lớn me.’‘As tacky as most modern decorations are it"s amazing what a little tinsel and a few lights can bởi khổng lồ enhance the feeling - especially when genuine effort has gone inlớn making the best of meagre resources.’‘We have sầu khổng lồ make the best of the resources we have sầu, especially with a double-header ahead of us in the World Cup qualifying campaign.’‘As a result they don"t capture the learning potential of successful health initiatives developed in countries long honed khổng lồ making the best of meagre resources.’‘Nnetheless, even though we cannot make what we think we want khổng lồ come true, we can make the best of the possibilities that we have.’‘Charlotte, who is making the best of life coping with M.E. and maintains a pleasant outgoing nature, says she would love khổng lồ vày the things her friends can vì chưng, such as canoeing and other sports, going out & going lớn school.’‘Adie, of course, is a bit of a trooper, experienced in making the best of difficult situations.’‘Dr Bass manages to lớn combine humility with humanity và while he never exactly makes me feel good about having cancer, I feel that together we can make the best of a bad giảm giá khuyến mãi.’‘They"re examples of how that stoic, struggle on & make the best of a bad giảm giá và tough times attitude can work against you sometimes.’