A candidate will be recommended for the MUP.. degree upon satisfactory completion of 80 units, normally completed as trăng tròn units of required and elective courses each term. Lecture và seminar courses are usually four units, studquả táo are usually eight units. Over the two years, students must take 28 units of core studio and required lecture courses, 12 units satisfying three Methods Requirements (Analytic Methods, Economic Methods, and Law và Institutions Methods), 12 units satisfying one of the Areas of Concentration, và 8 units of project-based learning (an option studio, an independent thesis, or two 4-unit pre-approved project-based courses). Students complete the remainder of the program with elective sầu courses và, if they choose, additional studio or project-based options.

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Current students should refer to the current MUPhường Degree Requirements based on their date of matriculation.

At the beginning of each year, students are assigned a faculty advisor with whom they discuss curricular schedules và other academic matters. Concurrent và joint degree students must consult the rules governing such programs for additional information on curricular requirements.

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8 units 1121 First Term Vi xử lý Core Urban Planning Studio2 units 2127 Representation for Planners2 units 2128 Spatial Analysis

8 units 1122 Second Term bộ vi xử lý Core Urban Planning Studio4 units 4115 Histories & Theories of Urban Interventions4 units 5103 Public and Private Development

* Methods Requirements: Students must take four units of courses within each of the three methods requirements for a total of 12 units, unless they are able lớn demonstrate sufficient experience to lớn waive the requirement or pass an exemption exam. Exemption exams are generally offered only once a year, before the start of the semester in which the required course takes place. Waiver requests should be submitted, with all required supporting documentation, in time for approval before the over of the add/drop period in the relevant semester.

Area of Concentration Requirement: Students must satisfy the area of concentration requirement by grouping together 12 units of elective sầu courses that together provide a deeper engagement with a specific subject area of urban planning. bộ vi xử lý Core studtiện ích ios & required courses, methods requirements courses, independent thesis, & option studquả táo (other than for the Urban Design area of concentration) may not be used to satisfy the area of concentration requirement.

Project-Based Learning Requirement: MUPhường students must fulfill a minimum of 8 units through intensive sầu, project-based learning experiences. These can take the form of an option studio (8 units), an independent thesis (8 units), or a total of 8 units in approved project-based classes or independent studies under faculty supervision (e.g. in a retìm kiếm lab). A project-based course has a substantial amount of the assignment load (40% or more) comprising an applied, real-world, project for an external client; the only exception is a project conducted under cthua kém faculty supervision in a research lab. Those interested in more theoretical or conceptual projects should vì chưng a thesis.