This tutorial will walk you through the basics of creating a Workspace operation that utilises OpenCL to lớn exexinh tươi parallel code on devices including modern GPUs and many-core CPUs. By writing operations that use OpenCL in Workspace, users are able khổng lồ vì parallel processing on their supported GPUs & CPUs and also take full advantage of GPU clusters such as Bragg. These operations can further be combined with Workspace’s distributed execution to drastically reduce running time of workflows for particular tasks.

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In this tutorial, you will learn:


This tutorial assumes you have already completed the following tutorials và are comfortable with the concepts they covered:

This tutorial also assumes you have a basic knowledge of OpenCL concepts. While this tutorial will start with the basics it is not intended as a user’s first introduction lớn OpenCL. There are many good online references, tutorials and books that serve sầu this purpose.

User will need khổng lồ have sầu installed the OpenCL SDK for their target device(s).

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Building the Workspace Heterogeneous Parallel Computing (HPC) plugin

The Workspace HPC Landmark plugin can be built against an OpenCL SDK which is available from various hardware vendors such as Hãng Intel, nVidia and AMD. The source code is available in the Workspace help examples folder (HPCPlugin) and can be built following the same steps as create a plugin. When configuring the project in CMake you should ensure the OPENCL_LIBRARIES entry is correctly pointing to lớn your OpenCL SDK.

If you"ve sầu built the plugin correctly & added it to Workspace"s plugin loading menu you should see something like "Adding Heterogeneous Parallel Computing version 3.3.0" in the log when Workspace starts. You should also have sầu a "Heterogeneous Computing" section in the Workspace catalogue. Under this catalogue path you should be able lớn add and run the QueryOpenCLDevices operation which will danh mục available devices in the log.

Setting up a new operation

In this first tutorial we will develop a simple OpenCL operation that sums the elements from two lists of scalars (DataSeries). There is nothing special about this operation beyond what we bởi in its exedễ thương method. Therefore the first step is to follow what we"ve sầu learnt in the previous development tutorials, using the Workspace wizards lớn create a plugin và then create an operation within that plugin to lớn perform the OpenCL work.


You should add the Data analysis & Heterogeneous Parallel Computing libraries during plugin creation