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4.1. Business & Management (Marketing) Personal Statement

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Living in London, which is ranked as the number one thành phố for business, innovation và culture, exposes me to the world of economics và business on a daily basis. It was a lecture from the NBCUniversal Vice President of Digital Marketing, Neil Wirasinha, that first opened my eyes lớn marketing and its potential. His lecture described the various marketing techniques used to promote the film Fast and Furious 7 và I was fascinated to lớn learn about the interplay between traditional forms of sale and newer digital marketing techniques, & how these overarching strands of the global campaign were realised for individual countries and audiences. I think it would have sầu been exciting khổng lồ work on this campaign which aided the film khổng lồ break several box office records and go on khổng lồ take $1.5 billion worldwide. I hope that one day I will be able to lớn say I worked on such an inspiring chiến dịch and that my sale ideas could have the sort of influence và impact that would lead to lớn such incredible success.

I currently study A-Levels in Media, Film Studies and English Language. I believe these have sầu taught me many transferable skills as well as providing me with a strong understanding of sale principles. In Media Studies, I have learnt about marketing strategies used by key truyền thông media industries và have developed my own marketing chiến dịch to lớn accompany my practical production of a film trailer/music video clip. In FIlm Studies I have learnt about a variety of kinh doanh strategies used in the film industry from utilising digital technologies for viral campaigns to how sale can help British film survive in the shadow of Hollywood khổng lồ how sale can be used khổng lồ help create success for foreign films. English Language has taught me about the power of words and has helped hone my ability to use language in a clear and effective manner, which is useful in order lớn create successful kinh doanh campaigns that appeal to the target audience. All three subjects have sầu helped develop my analytical và critical thinking skills as they allow me to analyse and underst& the construction & influence of a variety of different truyền thông products and texts.

I was very pleased lớn win a place on my school’s Media Academy programme. This has benefitted me greatly & led lớn some fantastic opportunities, including a six-week paid internship at Global Blue Inc which is a tourism shopping magazine company. Through this internship I gained knowledge & experience of the world of work & gained a great insight into lớn marketing và the importance of brands. During the internship I was tasked with researching different fashion brands from all over Europe và Asia, making phone calls to lớn potential clients abroad và setting up schedules for my group. This helped develop my networking & organisational skills which I feel will be beneficial at university. I also volunteered at the Hunter Fashion Show during London Fashion Week which helped polish my leadership & communication skills. As this was a live sầu event these skills were critical in order khổng lồ ensure the smooth running of the event. Fortunately I remained calm under pressure and was thrilled to be able to lớn contribute lớn the success of the show.

I am a conscientious, hardworking young person who is reliable and eager to learn new skills. I enjoy working in a fast paced environment and always bring a positive energy khổng lồ the team. I can work well independently or as part of a larger team. In my spare time I love to lớn play sports và watch films and documentaries. I have sầu a real interest in sale, as evidenced by the fact I have sầu already gained two kinh doanh work placements. I look forward to lớn furthering my knowledge and passion of sale by undertaking a degree in the subject. I am also looking forward to lớn experiencing all the opportunities university life has to lớn offer. As Cesare Pavese said, “We bởi not remember days, we remember moments.” I just hope to lớn have sầu many of these ‘moments’ myself during my time at university.

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4.2. Accountancy và Finance

Numbers are a large part of life & are everywhere around us. I work with number a lot better than I can work with words. I am a person with eye for detail and am always looking at things thinking how money could be saved or could have sầu been put lớn better use. I think by doing an accounting course I will be able khổng lồ put my skills to lớn use in a commercial field. There is always going khổng lồ be businesses that need accountants so accountants are always in high dem& và there is a great chance of finding a job compared lớn other fields

Accountants have a lot of responsibility. They usually have sầu a say in major decisions, which means that they only have sầu a lot of control over a company’s everyday operations. I think I strive sầu when I am given responsibility as it makes me work harder knowing how much of an impact my work has which is why I think accounting is the path that will be the best for me .I could even become a top manager or start my own business using what I learned during my time as an accountant.

In my GCSEs I achieved grade A in both Mathematics và Statistics which shows how I’m good at subjects that revolve around numbers.By being a waiter as a part time job I have responsibilities such as cashing up the till at the kết thúc of the day, ordering new supplies and coming up with prices of new items. By ordering new supplies I need lớn use my numerical skills khổng lồ figure out if the dem& will be busier or less by looking at things such as: weather, if there is school holidays or things like events near the restaurant. I need lớn make sure I order enough for the week but not over order và this will thua thảm the business money and supplies will go khổng lồ waste. By coming up with prices I need khổng lồ think about how much the thành công will cost & if there will be a dem& for it based on trial tests then price it according lớn that. I think by doing this I have sầu put my numerical skills inlớn practice in real life.

I completed the NCS programme last year; throughout this experience I was able lớn use my teamwork and leadership skills egg. Being the leader when hiking and using the maps lớn guide my team. During NCS there was also a section where our team had khổng lồ plan a chiến dịch and pitch it like dragons den style. I was in the finance part of the team, making a plan of where exactly the money would go with the investment.I want khổng lồ go lớn university as it gives me the opportunity to lớn earn a qualification that will allow me to lớn apply for a wide range of jobs compared to having only A Levels. After University I would like to get a job as an Accountant, looking to work for ones of the top accountancy firms such as KPMG or PwC.

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