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Subsequently, we will explore whether familiar predictors of tolerance exert similar or dissimilar effects on generic và discriminatory perceptions.

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The thesis that there are conceptual & moral differences between harming someone and allowing harm lớn happen to lớn them is a familiar one.
Acoustic analysis showed that there were no significant differences in loudness, pitch, or duration between familiar and rare words in any of the recorded lists.
In light of word-recognition tốc độ, significant training effects were found in both familiar and unfamiliar words.
Improvement in word-recognition speed with familiar words was not associated with that in word-recognition efficiency, that is, automatization.
The words to be learned were three familiar fruit names: ping-guo (apple), li-zi (pear), và liu-ding (orange).
Themes và influences are lucidly discussed, although the book assumes that readers have sầu read the plays và are familiar with the outlines of their nội dung.
In many ways, they were utterly familiar, not necessarily in the acting conservatories of the time, but in the broader social environment.
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lớn separate liquid food from solid food, especially by pouring it through a utensil with small holes in it

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