Registered mail là gì

a way of sending letters or packages by using a service that đơn hàng with them in a special way and makes sure they vị not get lost:

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a way to send a letter in which you pay extra to have sầu a record of when it was delivered & who received it
a way of sending letters or packages by mail using a special service, so that they will be dealternative text with in a special way and you will receive money if they arrive late, are lost, or damaged:
A thorough investigation has shown that the document was one of a number of items of registered mail stolen from a train.
I therefore say again that the safeguarding of registered letters must inevitably make registered mail a good khuyễn mãi giảm giá safer than unregistered mail.
Therefore, competitive sầu market activities such as registered mail are not subject to lớn consumer protection in the same way as other activities.
It is our duty to undertake the collection, transport and delivery of registered mail worth well over £2,000 million a year.
Why is it that registered mail or parcels cannot be sent lớn the troops overseas, while it can be to civilians?
The only advantage of registered mail is that the barcode on the package allows it khổng lồ be registered on khổng lồ a database as soon as it is received.
My information is that this soldier has not been threatened at any time in connection with the inquiries inkhổng lồ loss of registered mail in his unit.
It can be perhaps £40 a week, which is sent by messenger or sometimes by registered mail khổng lồ tư vấn the wife & family while the husband is away.
In the cases of the receipt for a letter by registered mail or recorded delivery, it is not necessary lớn be signed by the person to lớn whom it is addressed.
That may sound a long way, but on the whole these people will probably take their important and valuable registered mail by some khung of transport.

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An example of circumstances beyond his control would be if the farmer posited the khung by recorded delivery service or registered mail, but it was not delivered in time.
He taped his telephone conversations with reporters, và then sent the transcript lớn them by registered mail.
The notice is delivered khổng lồ the plaintiff by either physically delivering it to his address, or via registered mail.
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