Shadow of a doubt

From Alfred Hitchcock: the haunting tale of a young woman who begins khổng lồ suspect her favorite Uncle Charlie is actually a serial murderer. Reportedly Hitchcock's favorite of all his films.

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DirectorsAlfred HitchcockStarringTeresa Wright, Joseph Cotten, Hume CronynGenresSuspense, HorrorSubtitlesEnglish Audio languagesEnglish
Supporting actorsMacdonald Carey, Henry Travers, Patricia Collinge, Edna May Wonacott, Wallace Ford, more…Irving Banhỏ, Charles Bates, Clarence Muse, Janet Shaw, Minerva Urecal, Isabel Randolph, Eily MalyonProducersJachồng H. SkirballStudioUNIVERSAL PAY TELEVISIONRatingPG (Parental Guidance Suggested)Purchase rightsStream instantly DetailsFormatPrime Video (streaming online video)DevicesAvailable khổng lồ watch on supported devices

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Matthew D'SouzaReviewed in the United States on June 24, 2019

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An early shining example of Alfred Hitchcock"s directorial genius!Alfred Hitchcock"s suspense thriller Shadow of a Doubt (1943) is a visceral & frightening depiction of a mass murderer on the run. Hitchcoông chồng draws out your fear for this small California town family"s safety as they attempt lớn survive sầu Uncle Charlie, who they bởi vì not even know is a serial killer. Hitchcochồng uses his signature long panning shots of stairs, doors, streets, as well as close-ups on faces for maximum effectiveness. Hitchcoông xã simply understands what we are afraid of and exploits it in Shadow of a Doubt for tense encounters between a killer uncle và his astute niece.The black và trắng cinematography is lush with beauty. From waltzers spinning in circles to lớn a dutch angle shot of the unnerved killer fearing his capture và many more clever shots. I adore Joseph A. Valentine"s cinematography in the library as young Charlie reads the newspaper clipping that reveals the plot. As young Charlie discovers who her uncle is the camera smoothly zooms out to lớn a high aerial shot indoors with dark moody lighting for a haunting reveal. Shadow of a Doubt is full of neat and expressive sầu shots.Dimitri Tiomkin"s score is scary as it swells for the dramatic sequences và carries you away with lovely passages for the sweeter moments. Tiomkin finds serenity in the quiet family moments và builds a crescenvì chưng of fear during the climactic sequences. I love sầu Shadow of a Doubt"s music.I adore Teresa Wright as young Charlotte "Charlie" Newton. She is so astute, nearing on clairvoyant, which gives her character a maturity and wisdom beyond her years. She is a subtle nhân vật of her tough circumstances. Wright plays Charlie with a fierce determination và willful certainty. Teresa Wright acts pound for pound alongside Joseph Cotton at the heights of his acting prowess in a magnificent display as an actress.Joseph Cotton demonstrates his range in Shadow of a Doubt as the widow murderer Charles "Uncle Charlie" Oakley. Cotton sheds his nice guy persomãng cầu from all his other classic films lượt thích Citizen Kane, The Magnificent Ambersons, or The Third Man. Cotton"s warm demeanor & delightful voice are nowhere to be found in Shadow of a Doubt as he opts lớn play Charlie as a cold deadpan killer with a silent menace & an obvious distaste for humanity. Cotton"s hyper focused và highly nuanced villain is one for the ages. His constant pleasant attitude towards his family is so under-handed as he reveals his inner rage to lớn his unsuspecting niece. It"s honestly shocking every time I witness Joseph Cotton"s transformation from the calm voice of reason to the monotone trùm cuối at the center of Shadow of a Doubt. Joseph Cotton is surely one of cinema"s greathử nghiệm antagonists in Shadow of a Doubt.Henry Travers is splendid as Joseph Newton, the kindly father lớn young Charlie, with his funny obsession with murder mysteries alongside his quaint friover Hume Cronyn as Herbie. They give sầu a lot of much appreciated comedy relief from the super tense sequences within Shadow of a Doubt.Likewise, Patricia Collinge is devastating as Charlie"s tired and lonely mother Emma Newton. Her desperation for her younger brother Uncle Charlie to stay with her is really saddening & upsetting. On the other hand, Edna May Wonacott is hilarious & endearing as Ann Newton. Her bright remarks are always a fun reprieve khổng lồ the suspense in Shadow of a Doubt. Similarly, Charles Bates is a charming young son Roger Newton.Overall, Shadow of a Doubt elevates Hitchcock"s masterful direction with all time great performances. I cannot recommover Shadow of a Doubt enough!