Grand theft auto 5 full repack pc v1

Language : English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Spanish (Mexico), Russian, Portuguese-Brazil, Polish, Korean, Japanese, Chinese

Files Size :12x 4.88GB+ 1.46 GB

Total Size :60GB

Hosts :Mega, 1fichier, Uptobox, Uploaded, Turbobit– System Requirements :MINIMUM:OS: Windows 8.1 64 Bit, Windows 8 64 Bit, Windows 7 64 Bit Service Paông chồng 1, Windows Vista 64 Bit Service Paông chồng 2* (*NVIDIA video card recommended if running Vista OS)Processor: Hãng Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q6600

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2.40GHz (4 CPUs) / AMD Phenom 9850 Quad-Chip Core Processor (4 CPUs)
2.5GHzMemory: 4 GB RAMGraphics: NVIDIA 9800 GT 1GB / AMD HD 4870 1GB (DX 10, 10.1, 11)


ROCKSTAR GAMES’ CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED OPEN WORLD GAME, GRAND THEFT AUTO V, IS COMING TO PC.When a young street hustler, a retired ngân hàng robber & a terrifying psychopath find themselves entangled with some of the most frightening và deranged elements of the criminal underworld, the U.S. government và the entertainment industry, they must pull off a series of dangerous heists khổng lồ survive sầu in a ruthless đô thị in which they can trust notoàn thân, least of all each other.Grand Theft Auto V for PC features a range of major visual & technical upgrades lớn make Los Santos and Blaine County more immersive than ever. In addition khổng lồ vastly increased draw distances, Gr& Theft Aukhổng lồ V for PC runs at 60FPS in 1080p, with the ability lớn display visuals in 4K resolution. Players will experience a range of additions & improvements,also checkocean of games gta 5




All liên kết are interchangeable, you can take different parts on different hosts & start downloading at the same time



1.Extract 5 GB (one by one)thenextract 1 GB part

2. Download RSC + UPDATE 5+ CRACK v5 fix From Update Section Below

3. Then Install “Social Club v1.1.5.8 Setup”

4. Copy the Update


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Copy the crack

7. use “launcher” lớn start


Some Tricks:

1-for who have a problem to run the game in máy vi tính (“Launcher.exe” don’t start the game)trytoChange in switchable graphics ‘GTA5.exe’ lớn “Power Saving Mode”01. Browse to “DocumentsRockstar GamesGTA V”

02. Open your ‘settings.xml’ file with notepad or text editor

03. Find the line & change to lớn

04. The game will run on “Power Saving Mode” via switch-able, & as soon as it loads, & you can see the game…

05. Change from “Power Saving Mode” to “High Performance” 06. It will show a blank screen up khổng lồ 10seconds just wait, and the game should work

2- to put the game in fullscreen: type ALT + ENTER

3- if you have sầu a problem with game language, Download lang_changer from below4- if you want to lớn play with your GamePad, read this tutorial you don’t need any software here